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At Total Coaching we have worked with a number of different primary schools in South Gloucestershire and Bristol delivering a wide range of school services over the past 13 years. We understand that every school is individual, each have their own visions, values and specific needs; therefore we like to build a strong positive working relationship with schools so that we can get to know you and provide you with a professional service tailored specifically to your needs. From PPA cover and CPD training to lunchtime support and extra-curricular sports clubs, we can utilise our diverse team to cover all your coaching needs. Not only do we cover the PE department but we also provide breakfast and afterschool clubs for full wrap around care.


PPA and CPD Training

At Total Coaching our team of professional sports coaches plan and deliver high quality physical education in line with the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum. In addition to high quality delivery and inclusive lessons, coaches are experts in behaviour management to ensure every child has the opportunity to learn. We ensure schools behaviour policies are adopted to maintain consistency, whilst children enjoy a fun and exciting learning experience. 

We understand the importance of continuous professional development and can offer support to teachers and assistants to plan and deliver sessions, whether it is alongside one of our experts or to prepare your staff to deliver independently.

Sports Clubs

Extra-curricular sports clubs are an essential for maximising pupils’ development. There are a mass number of benefits to sport and physical activity;unsure of punctuation physically, mentally and socially. For example it can help improve confidence, promote healthy growth, improve balance, co-ordination and strength, help make new friends, teamwork and leaderships skills etc. Our extra-curricular clubs give the opportunity for children to feel a part of a team and introduce them to a sense of commitment. We can deliver any type of sports and physical activities from your traditional team sports (football/hockey/rugby/netball) to inclusive sports and activities such as; team games, kurling and boccia or athletics. We can also run some energising physical activities including circuits and running clubs. These clubs can be changed termly, dependant on popularity and school/parent preference.

If that is not enough, we also offer to arrange and organise both intra and inter-school fixtures and tournaments to allow the children to participate in some fun and competitive sport.

Lunchtime Support

Lunchtimes are no longer a problem with Total Coaching's lunchtime support. We understand that lunchtimes can be difficult in terms of behaviour management. Our service can help manage and improve lunchtime behaviour.  Our coaches can deliver lunchtime sports sessions with a personalised activity timetable, allowing every child in each year group the option to participate in fun and inclusive activities. 

Furthermore we run our very own Total Coaching Sports Leaders programme where children can become sports coach ambassadors and learn quality coaching and leadership skills. Sports Leaders can work their way through the ranks and be awarded for all their hard work. 

Breakfast and After School Clubs

Alongside our sports services we provide wrap around care for schools that parents can trust and rely on. We ensure a safe and fun environment for children before and after school with a variety of activities to choose from. Our breakfast and after school clubs are the perfect way to start and end the school day, with a healthy breakfast or snack after school and the choice of a wide range of activities based on our weekly themes, including; arts and crafts, choosing activities, movie nights or some exciting sports games. We get to know your children outside of the classroom and encourage them to develop their social skills as they get the opportunity to interact with other children across the school, making new friends, building confidence and communication skills



We are currently in the process of our OFSTED registration and also have an exciting new booking system provided by ClubsBuddy to make booking a place at our clubs hassle free.


To further discuss, please contact us via info@totalcoachingltd.co.uk