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Please read the Terms and Conditions carefully.

By registering an account with Total Coaching you accept and agree to these Terms and Conditions which forms a legally binding agreement. If your account is created over the phone you will be sent an email with a link to our Terms and Conditions.

The term ‘Total Coaching’ or ‘Total Coaching Ltd.’ or ‘us’ or ‘we’ refers to the owner of the company who’s registered address is:


Total Coaching Limited
51 Pursey Drive

Bradley Stoke




Our company registration number is 05512429. The term ‘you’ refers to the user or viewer of our website/bookings system and services.



In order to create an account with Total Coaching’s ClubsBuddy you must be 18 or over.

Registration forms must be completed in full, true and accurate for both the parent/guardian and child(ren). It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to keep these forms up to date and update us of any information that may be necessary. Registration forms/child information can be amended via your ClubsBuddy account.


Admissions and Equal Opportunities

Total Coaching provide services to everyone free from discrimination regardless of their gender, learning difficulties, specific needs, background, religion or ethnicity. Every child attending Total Coaching is of equal value and has equal access of opportunity. We have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination or bullying of any kind. If your child requires 1:1 support, Total Coaching will assist in making suitable arrangements in order to cater for you needs.


Bookings and Payments

Bookings must be made in advance and registration forms must have been completed prior to booking. Bookings can be made online via ClubsBuddy or through the phone (tel: 07821025821). Phone bookings will be accepted and a follow up payment must be completed before the booking is confirmed.


Full payment at the time of booking by debit/credit card must be made, unless otherwise arranged with Total Coaching. Where payment by card is not possible cheque and cash will be accepted, please contact us via bookings@totalcoachingltd.co.uk to arrange payment.


Confirmation of bookings will be sent via email through Total Coaching’s ClubsBuddy.


Arrival without an Advanced Booking

If a child arrives at a venue without an advanced booking, Total Coaching will only accept the child on the following terms:

  • There are sufficient places available and staff are in ratio

  • If the child is not previously registered, they must complete a registration form.

  • Customer must pay the balance the same day either via their account before the time of pick up or by cash at drop off/pick up.


Customers will be charged a late booking rate of an additional £2.50.


In order to cancel a booking you must notify Total Coaching either via ClubsBuddy message centre, bookings@totalcoachingltd.co.uk or by phone (tel: 07821025821) within 24 hours of the session in order to receive a full refund.


Any amendments to bookings can be made up until 24 hours of the session through the same process as cancellations. Total Coaching will do their best to accommodate alterations where possible but cannot be guaranteed (e.g. if a session is full). In the event of being unable to alter a session a full refund will be given providing it is within the 24 hour policy.

If your child is ill or cannot attend for any other reason without prior notice, the customer will be charged in full for the session.


Cancellations made by Total Coaching

In the exceptional circumstances of Total Coaching cancelling a booking/session, the customer will receive a full refund. Please note, Total Coaching are not liable for any other costs incurred due to cancellation.


Late payments/outstanding balances

Any outstanding balances or payments which are not paid within 7 days of notice will result in the customers’ account being temporarily suspended until fees are settled. An additional £10.00 administration fee will be charged for each consecutive week after the 7 days, in addition to the outstanding payment, until the outstanding debt is settled.


Late collection

A late fee will be charged in the event of a child/ren not being collected within the times of their booked session. If you are running late, please contact us so that we can make necessary staffing arrangements. The late fee covers the cost of staff overtime to remain with the child. The late fee charge is £10 between lateness of 15-30 minutes and a £1 per minute thereafter. Total Coaching may charge for lateness between 0-15 minutes if prior notice is not given.

Total Coaching will advise the parent/guardian at pick up of the late collection policy.  If a late pick up occurs a second time, the parent will be fined £10 in addition to the late fee. The third late incident will concur a higher fine of £20 and a notice of termination if a late collection is to occur again. If a fourth late collection is to occur, care for the child/ren will be terminated in future.


Food and Drink

During holiday clubs and sports clubs food is not provided. Children will need to bring their packed lunch and snack along with their water bottle to holiday clubs. During after school sports clubs, children will need a small snack. Total Coaching have a strict NO NUT policy which must be adhered to at all venues and bookings.


Water is always accessible to children throughout our sessions.


Total Coaching ensures that all staff and children are treated with mutual respect. Total Coaching staff employ behaviour management strategies in order to promote welfare and enjoyment of each and every child in our sessions.


Total Coaching have a zero tolerance policy on bullying, discrimination, consistent poor behaviour and aggressive behaviour from either attending children or parent/guardians.


Total Coaching ensure that behaviour expectations are clear and consistent, adopting positive strategies to manage behaviour. Staff at Total Coaching will always encourage positive behaviour as well as providing clear guidance on managing poor behaviour in order to maintain the safety and welfare of all children and staff.


Total Coaching reserves the right to refuse or exclude any individual who consistently does not comply with our behaviour policy and may ask parents/guardian to come and collect their child from our services. If in the event of unacceptable behaviour by a parent/guardian Total Coaching also reserves the right to cancel any current bookings and terminate their account. In any of these events, refunds will not be given for the current session, remaining sessions booked or any additional costs incurred.


Personal Belongings

Total Coaching advise that valuable belongings are not brought to our provisions. Total Coaching are not liable for any loss or damage of personal belongings/valuables. We also suggest that any belongings/bags or clothing are labelled clearly.

Mobile Phones

It is requested that children do not bring mobile phones to our sessions. If, under certain circumstances, a child needs to bring their mobile phone, the parent/guardian must notify Total Coaching staff on site. The mobile phone will be locked securely away throughout the session and handed back to the parent/guardian at pick up. Total Coaching does not take any responsibility for loss/damage of any mobile phone or electronic devices.

Please note that at all Total Coaching provisions a contact number will be provided to you for emergencies or other necessary contact (early/late pick-ups or collection arrangements).


Medication, Health and Sickness

Medical conditions need to be fully disclosed at the time of registration and at drop off to a member of staff. Prescribed medication needs to be given to a member of staff to be kept safe and a medication form must be completed.

In the event of an accident, first aid will be administered by a qualified paediatric first aider. Emergency services will be contacted if necessary.


Children who are ill or are infectious need to be kept at home for the full duration of their ailment and/or for 48 hours after their last symptom occurs.


Total Coaching Limited has public liability insurance provided by UK Coaching (formerly known as ‘SportsCoachUK’)


Total Coaching do not accept any liability for personal injury or death of any participant unless caused by the proven negligence of Total Coaching or its employees. As previously stated Total Coaching accept no responsibility for loss or damage of personal belongings. Total Coaching do not accept responsibility for losses from cancellations that are outside of the companies’ control, circumstances such as adverse weather, illness, disasters or acts of terrorism.


All staff are fully DBS checked and have been employed through strict safer recruitment processes. Total Coaching are legally obliged to report any suspicions of a child in their care suffering from abuse. Disclosures of abuse or neglect will be reported to the designated safeguarding lead and fully investigated.


When registering with Total Coaching the parent/guardian gives consent to pictures and videos being taken of their child/ren participating in Total Coaching activities. These pictures/videos may potentially be used in further marketing, unless the parent/guardian denies consent.


At Total Coaching we pride ourselves in delivering the highest quality service. However, if we fall short of the standard that is expected, we aim to deal with the matter immediately where possible via verbal communication and provide a rapid resolution. We are constantly striving to improve our services, and therefore welcome suggestions of ways in which we can do so.


Records of all complaints are kept for at least three years. A summary of complaints is available for parents/guardians upon request.


Data Protection

The personal information requested on our booking forms is required in order for Total Coaching to provide its services. This information is kept confidential and secure in line with GDPR and UK legislation. Your information will not be passed on to any third party without your permission. We will use your email address and telephone number to contact you regarding bookings and any information or communication relating to the welfare of your child/ren. We may also email you about our other products and services and will ask for consent during registration/booking process. You can opt out at any time.


Policies and Procedures

Total Coaching’s policies and procedures can be accessed upon request at each respective Total Coaching venue or by contacting us at info@totalcoachingltd.co.uk

For any further questions or queries please do not hesitate to contact us at info@totalcoachingltd.co.uk or via telephone: 07921025821.

Thank you

The Total Coaching Team